Waterless Car Wash? 

You won't believe your eyes! 

Nanoshine Waterless Car Wash presents EXTREME NANO FORMULA an amazing product new to the UK. It completely washes and waxes your vehicle in one application  without the use of water. The best thing is it leaves a truly stunning showroom shine unrivalled by any other waterless car wash product on the market!

Nanoshine enables you to wash and wax your car anywhere anytime! It saves a huge amount of time and costs a lot less than going to a car wash or cleaning it yourself using conventional products that require the use of water. 

We are so confident you will love our waterless car wash cleaner that we offer a money back guarantee . So if you are not completley satisfied with the result you will be refunded.  Helping you to buy with confidence!         


      Waterless car wash cleaning what do our customers say?

“I don’t know how I coped before I started using the waterless car wash cleaner Nanoshine. Long and expensive journeys to the car wash or messy, labour-intensive and wasteful days in the driveway.

And there was also a side benefit in that it has helped educate my children who just assumed that water MUST be used to clean cars. It is now normal for them to use the waterless products and I really hope that by the time they become parents themselves, waterless car wash cleaning will be the rule and not the exception.”

Helen-Louise Beckett, Property Management Director.

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