About Us

Extreme Nano Formula is a ground breaking eco-friendly waterless vehicle wash that can be used to clean and polish any part of the vehicle. If effectively allows the user to clean a full vehicle anywhere negating the use of water without compromising the finish. Ideal for both the vehicle enthusiast and those in a hurry for that showroom shine. Contains Carnauba and Montan wax, special polymers and surfactants. Nano protected.



Directions for use:

Use on: exterior paintwork, mirrors, chrome, rubber, plastics, vinyl, wheels, trim and wiper blades to prevent drag. Interior plastics, wood, mirrors and door trim. Do not use on: soft top roofs, carpets, fabrics, heavy caked on dirt, bird dirt, tar or tree sap. Don not use on front pedals.


How to apply:


Spray initially onto clean dry mircofibre cloth to moisten. Then on the area to be cleaned, wipe gently and then quickly buff with the second dry microfibre cloth. Continue until the entire vehicle is cleaned. You may want to wear clothing that you don’t mind getting dirty etc and also gloves maybe required as can cause slight staining to hands. Note if this product comes in contact with skin wash off after use with soap and hot water, we advise that gloves are used with this product as it could stain your hands.

Keep out of reach or children.