Customer Testimonials

Below are a selection of the testimonials we have received for Extreme Nano Formula. If you send us your testimonial we will give you a 25% discount off your next purchase!

I was a little skeptical at using the product at first but I was so intrigued that I really wanted to see if it did what it said on the bottle. I followed the simple instructions and began to use Nano shine on my vehicle. I have to say not many things can really shock me but I was amazed that I was able to wash and wax my car without using water and the shine on my car lasted over 2 weeks. It’s very easy to use and it achieves results like a showroom finish. I will continue to use this product as it saves time money and it’s the best car product I’ve used in all my 16 years of owing a vehicle. 

Jason Middlehurst – North West


My son recommended this car product to me and I tell you what it’s a fantastic item and makes the car look like it did the day a bought it! It’s a pleasure to use and also saves me money and that always put a smile on my face and the wife’s! Cheers

Russell Sanderson- South Yorkshire


I always had my car washed each month by a mobile valeting company that visited my home to do the car. I decided to start washing the vehicle myself as it was an added expense that I could do without at the minute. I stumble upon this product on the internet that said I don’t need to use any water to wash my car and also waxes it at the same time! I thought the price of the product was extremely reasonable so I purchased this item about 2 months ago. I still have a little left after washing my car three times with it and the car looks exceptional! It saves time and also saves 175 litres of my water every time I wash it. So glad I discovered this and now I have the whole family using it! Thanks again.

Steve Wright – Bournemouth


I’m a busy working mother who has no time in the day to hang around waiting for my car to be valeted and to be honest I don’t always have the spare cash either! My friend works for a car hire company gave me this product and told me it’s easy to use and fast so I thought that would do me fine. It took me 25 minutes to wash my medium sized vehicle and the shine was fabulous, even my neighbor came out laughing saying how did I make my car look like it did! He still won’t believe me till this day that I washed my car and it looked like a pro did it. Girls you need to start washing your cars! It keeps you fit and saves you more money for shoes….lol

Clare Wakefield – Brighton

This should win awards, it’s excellent. Didn’t think it would give me the results I was looking for but I hold my hands up and say I was way wrong. It reduces my carbon footprint and when the water bans are on it’s not an issue as you don’t need any. It leaves that great wax finish and also protects. Not much more you can say really, it’s an ace car product and would recommend to anyone. Cheers

Jai Dawson – Nottinghamshire

It normally took me half a day to wash, wax and polishes my vehicle, but now it takes me 30 minutes to achieve to wow factor that I like. I call this my secret weapon as its makes my car look class and I’m sure it’s improved my chances with the ladies or maybe it’s the shine on my car that catches their eye?? Great customer service, fast delivery and big money saver! An outstanding performance by Nano Shine.

Chris Cooper- Manchester